Homes For Sale in East Palo Alto, CA

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Situated in San Mateo County, East Palo Alto is a suburb of San Jose with a population of around 30,000. East Palo Alto is considered to be one of the safe havens from more expensive zip codes affected by Silicon Valley.

There is a high demand for houses for sale in East Palo Alto because of its proximity to neighboring cities and the top companies in Silicon Valley, such as Facebook and Google. On the east side of the town lies the San Francisco Bay, which offers one-of-a-kind paths for biking and walking along the shoreline to view the vast surrounding wetlands.

New Houses for Sale in East Palo Alto.

New houses for sale in East Palo Alto are listed daily due to many homes being renovated and new housing developments being built. Residents from the upscale Palo Alto tend to visit East Palo Alto to enjoy the available shopping options. Due to the rising number of people moving to the area, new supermarkets, stores, bars, and other businesses are being established. Amenities are permanently close by, and there are many attractions to see throughout East Palo Alto.

The Caltrain shuttle service offers easy access to other cities. Downtown Palo Alto is a 10-minute drive away, and larger companies like Google and Facebook are only 10-15 minutes away, by car. As a resident, you’ll be able to drive to San Mateo in 20 minutes, and San Francisco in 40 minutes.

There are 14 schools in East Palo Alto. Aspire East Palo Alto Charter is rated among the best in the area, and it covers all grades levels from elementary to high school. Of the schools in East Palo Alto, three are private schools for those who prefer. There is a range of excellent colleges close by too – Menlo College, Stanford, and Cañada College are all within 10 miles of East Palo Alto.

Due to the closeness to big companies, you will find many of the people living in East Palo Alto to be working in one. It’s not uncommon to see many famous people and celebrities around the area as they visit from Palo Alto or are driving to Silicon Valley. With the rise in its popularity, you could even find famous people purchasing one of the many houses for sale in East Palo Alto.

Milad Real Estate Agents in East Palo Alto, CA

At Milad Real Estate, our expert team of professionals are not just sharp negotiators, they’re also great listeners. If you’re searching for specifics like a sunrise-facing veranda in your bedroom or looking for a property with more garden space for your children, we thrive on providing our clients with the best available options to meet their desires.
If you’re not sure what property is best suited for you and your family, or which home would be a profitable investment for you in the future, we are ready to share our best knowledge to provide you with an excellent experience. We invite you to come to us before you decide to invest in property in East Palo Alto so we can work together to find your dream home within your budget.