Homes for Sale in Woodside, CA

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If you are looking for a stunning location to buy property, then nothing can beat the mesmerizing beauty of Woodside. This beautifully set town in San Mateo County offers a charm not found anywhere else in the San Francisco Bay Area, and finding a home within your budget in Woodside is a dream come true for anyone wanting to own a small piece of California.

Woodside maintains a small town atmosphere and is home to only 5,500 people. There are lots of parks, tennis courts, hiking trails and recreation areas to make good use of throughout the town. You can choose to travel throughout the neighborhoods by car, bike, foot or even horseback and take in the beauty of the rolling hills, lush wooded areas, vineyards and stables.

Woodside has beautifully preserved nature, horse trails, and lots of greenery to make this place a great fit for someone tired of the hustle and bustle of city life. Woodside homes come in many different varieties and can leave you feeling like you’re on vacation.

Woodside is one of the most desirable areas to buy in Northern California for many reasons, among those reasons is that the area has a lot to offer families. The schools in Woodside are excellent, serving elementary, middle, and high school students. There are also several outstanding private schools in Woodside. Respected universities and colleges, including Stanford University, are within a short commute.
The weather in Woodside is mild, and since it is sheltered from the coast by hills and mountains, the climate is pleasant year round. Minimum temperatures in the winter linger just above the freezing point, and summers tend to be warm and dry.

Milad Real Estate Agents in Woodside, CA

Homes in Woodside, CA, are well suited for active families who love being outside and enjoy a small town lifestyle, with quick access to the restaurants, entertainment and cultural benefits of urban living. If you’re in the market to plant roots in a Woodside home for sale, contact Milad Real Estate to schedule an appointment to begin viewing homes. You can trust we will use our best resources on your behalf, so you walk away with a positive real estate experience and the proud owner of a new home.